"Amal-Design", how to stand out from the crowd

How to stand out from the crowd is something that's almost daily on my mind. The fashion scene is very competitive, so if you’re not a big brand, it's a big challenge to distinguish yourself from the rest.

Today's advertising is different than 10 years ago. There are still magazines that do well in reaching their readers. But the 'new' effective way of fashion marketing is by blogging and vlogging. It has a more effective reach. The most followers of bloggers are following more to 'look a like' than to be up to date in fashion. This is also the reason why it's more effective.

What bothers me is that the most bloggers and vloggers change as soon as they hit fame. I mean this, in their way of marketing. Because the fame comes a long with a price tag. The big bloggers / vloggers begin to promote only the 'A' brands, because they have the finance to have their brands promoted by a 'big' blogger /vlogger.

So how to stand out from the crowd? Know which magazines still have their loyal readers. Spot the talented small bloggers / vloggers, because they're still affordable. Keep your social media updated (if possible, every day, which I still can't manage)

This week "Amal-design" got a publication in a regional magazine "Business Haaglanden". A magazine that still has its loyal readers. Thank you for the publication!

xoxo, Amal

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