My Californian adventure

Time flies when you're having fun and that is so true. I'm already 2 weeks in California and it seems like I just got here, there are so many things that I still would like to do, but I got only 2 more weeks left.

So I was supposed to make some money in California, but to be honest I've only been spending money😬😬.. . I mean there are so many stores, sometimes I just don't know where to start (I'm a designer, but first of all a woman that loves fashion, so I'm in a kind of fashion heaven😅😅).

Off course I didn't only shop, because I planned a business/holiday travel to California. I'm meeting some very nice and interesting fashion people, whom I hope to do business with. It's always very exciting how people will react on your designs, people have different tastes. The reactions so far have been good, so let's see how far they will bring my brand "Amal-Design" in Cali.



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