The pop-up is popping!

These 2 weeks have been chaotic! Running and driving around to spend my time as useful as possible.

The first thing I would like to share in my blog, is that my kids are growing fast and getting more independent. Which is very good of course, but the on the other hand I get to see them less. It gives me the feeling that I'm getting to miss a part of their lives, which is nonsense off course. I have to let go (let it go 🎼, let it go 🎼... . To have at least one quality moment in the week, I've arranged private kickboxing lessons for the 3 of us. And in case we have any frustrations, then there's a big trainer "Anil Dunbar" to guide us, thru these frustrations (you have to know that I'm not so tall and my kids are bigger then I am😆, so help me out Anil✌🏼).

The Pop-up store in Voorburg, is getting more and more finished and decorated with our designs. It's starting to get where we wanted to be. The exciting news is that we're getting a well known painting artist in the Pop-up store. I'm also negotiating with a fabulous evening dresses designer to collaborate in our designer collective Pop-up store. Angelle and I "Amal-Design" will give some workshops and seminars about running a business in fashion world (so let me know if you're interested). So there're so many things going and I will continue on it next week.


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